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finally started using my pentax again a couple weeks ago, after working on the design i posted in the last
entry i decided i need some more backgrounds to play with for future designs so i took some intentionally blurry pics of the leaves outside before they all died and went to heaven. i wish i had thought to do this a couple weeks prior to this idea because of the color selection i would've had, but i'm still happy with these.

..the last is my favorite i believe, the rest of the roll is still nice but not as vibrant as these - or maybe too redundant when put up against these. not sure yet what to do with them, but they'll be usable even if they are a little bit gay. Most of them were just taken aimed up at the sky so i'd get a white/blue background around the leaves, these are the straight scans.

p.s. all photos i've had posted forever that are now all X's will show up again sometime soon, i didn't renew my july-2nd website cause is run by a bunch of animals who want $35.00 to renew a fucking domain.

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