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so i'm moving to nyc. i've been quiet about it to be sure i really had a place lined up and all things were a go. and now they are, so i'm moving to brooklyn in january and cannoooot waiiiiit.

Everything leading up to the decision made it all too easy to go down there, i made up my mind after a few weeks of really thinking about it that if something came along which would allow me to move down there then i'd just take it. Surprisingly the FOLLOWING DAY my friend mark came up from NY to visit and one of the first things he said was 'i'm gonna need a room mate in a few months, are you interested in moving to ny?' ... doesn't come much easier than that. As for work, i'll inform my current job sometime in december and then probably go down there with hopefully around a years worth of rent saved up so i can relax for a little while and just do some freelancing.

... i was hoping to just surprise her by yelling out a song request that would catch her off guard, but instead she spotted me sitting alone at a candlelit table - we sort of stared at each other for about 10 seconds, grinning from across the room. I gave her a bag full of buttons i had made for her to give out at her next few shows, those 2 things were all i could muster up for a birthday present.

ok so first, i was walking around manhattan killing time before the show and i fucking spot one of my favorite comedians ever, like top 3 for chris, walking towards me a half a block down. ZACH GALIFIANAKIS! I stopped him to say hello, and we ended up chatting for a little while - he told me i could come along with him to go to a club he was on his way to which he "may or may not perform at" depending on if they let him on, faced with the choice of spending some of an evening with this man who i really admire, or olga, i quickly chose olga. but i thanked him for the offer, and snapped a photo before i was on my way:

Olga's performance was wonderful as expected, everybody loved her as everyone always does and then she blew out the candles on her birthday cake and the night went on. heres a short video of part of her set, covering a bjork song:

the video was taken with my little digicam, so the audio is pretty bad along with the vid. but thats what you get i suppose.

so after that i went out with her and her 2 room mates to a bar until way late at night, after having been up since 5:45am and working half the day before the bus ride blahhhchhq... here's a few pics from the rest of the night...

candid. fake candid

after this i went out to brooklyn to scope out the apt i'll be moving into a bit more, but it was about 3 am and i couldn't last a whole lot longer. slept some hours. woke up, checked it out more, got more excited, thanked mark, trained out to Olga for breakfast, bookstored, walked, said goodbye, and bussed back just in time to die with sleep before work this morning. good trip. i'm tired. i miss olga.

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