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lets see. Still working on finishing the roll of film with that russian camera, for all i know i've been doubling-tripling exposures and getting my fingers in half the shots so far .. the film advance knob is pretty counter-intuitive.

working working working. early early early. but i'm enjoying it more now that i'm settling in. i just dont know how long i want to have a full time job.

Caleb is suddenly moving to thailand for a year to teach english, starting late in october - i suppose that'll be good for him but its no good for me i'll tell you that much. i guess i'll have a reason to fly to thailand though and be a huge white american celebrity.

2 years ago i shot this video of caleb playing doom 3 for the first time, i finally threw the clips together and put it on youtube. the audio gets messed halfway through but i have no patience for fixing it. anyways i really enjoy watching him, even 2 years later, and even through my obnoxious distracting laughter. the other voice is his younger brother andrew:

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