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this new job is completely kicking my ass, but i'm learning a lot more about screen printing & setup, as well as illustrator which i've fallen in love with.

i also FINALLY purchased one of these:

its a strange russian camera that takes crazy warped wide angle panoramic shots, all on standard 35mm film. though finding a shop that can print these for me has been a bit challenging. seems there may be a place in boston though.

i'm going to NYC tomorrow until late monday night which i'm super excited about, seeing Olga of course and ODELIAAA with no plans in mind. just excitement, really. I'll be taking that camera with me, since i havent had much time to learn it yet, and i'll be spending more money than ever since bell has 'no money at all'... not sure how you can be on tv, magazine covers, and voices in video games and have 'no money at all'. I'm also riding in a luxury bus, which is making up for a good amount of this excitement. its got goddamn WI-FI internet on it, and waitresses.

i'll post some pics in a couple weeks if this camera thing works out. NYC NYC NYC NCYCNCYC NHCY

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