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Olga Bell's visit!

so Olga came up from nyc to stay with me for a week and do tons of recording recording recording. We got a lot of work done for the EP but now its in total mixing mode which is up to me to not screw up. The master plan, i think, is to make an EP with maybe 5 songs and then from that we'll send out demos with 2 or 3 songs on it to whatever labels she thinks we would appeal to... this system works out i think, because i dont know much about labels and am not great at any sort of P.R. work - so why not have a gorgeous, talented, and charismatic girl out there representing us instead.

Aside from music we had a great time all week, there are not too many people i could be around non-stop for that amount of time without wanting to rip whatever hair i have left on my scalp out, we were both sad to say goodbye but i was able to get down to nyc last weekend again and see her, as well as lots of my family. We went to a drag show one night, featuring my friend brians russian character "Katya", had a bbq with my parents & family on july 4th, and went up to Vermont for a couple days to visit my brother and his girlfriend. I have many many pictures from all this, and they're even online but i'm entirely unmotivated to post them right this second. ah whatever i'll do one..

i will post many more another time.

other than all that she's also on a commercial now for Spike TV's get-the-jet sweepstakes, which i guess runs through september? so all of you can see her over & over again. heres a still from the commercial:

if you'd like to view the whole commercial you can go to the directors site at: - go to 'commercials' hers is the first one, 'get-the-jet sweepstakes' .. she, of course, is the stewardess.

i also love day baseball games.

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