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heres a portion of the pics i took during our 2-ish weeks in chicago, i'll try and explain the trip the most condensed i can make it.

me scared on airplane


at a korean BBQ birthday party full of people we don't know.

the only pic cabe managed to take of the BBQ.

still at BBQ, the lady there is Junga and the ladykiller is caleb of course. this BBQ thing ended up being one of the best nights, we got along very well with the people there even though they ranged in age from us to about 50.. sooo much good food, and octopus. so so much octopus. maybe too much octopus. after the party ended we walked to the hancock building and went up to the 96th floor at about 1am to see the whole city:

we were waiting for cabe to get in frame, i prefer this one to the smiling 'all ready' pic.

next, after that night we got invited back by this woman youg-yong who is a sushi chef to have another little party, starrinnng suuushi time.

we went to the MAC store, and what i can only presume to be a robotic research spy dragonfly landed on me.

this water. i dont know, i like it but it bothers me.

flower in ear to calm down those crazy koreans.

youg-yong making the best sushi i've ever had.

uh maized.

junga, youg-yong, sin-jay, can't recall, min-yong, cabe.

cabe, too much wasabiiiii

i'm not great at expressing emotion, but heres what i apparently look like at one of my favorite times in chicago.

we walked down to the lake later that night after sushi

jungle of clothes

the 'bean', one of the best public art pieces you could have in a city.

at junga's art studio

cabe trying to beckon me to bed

cabe and our friend mollie

she's the best & tiniest mollie i know.

lake michigan again

love love blue lights i realized.

newscast somewhere downtown with andrea!

liking that arm

at junga's

cats at jungas

next up we went to the Intonation Music Festival, mostly because Lady Sovereign was playing & ghostface. $20 for musics all day long!!

some sort of performance that moved all around the festival

cabe & mollie

LADY SOVEREIGN driving right by me for the 3rd time. she's the littlest lady.

Ghostface KILLAAAH. he mostly just got drunk on stage and eventually was grinding with tons of women and stopped rapping.

lady sovereign.

we also saw: The Stills, Roky Erickson (SUUUUCKED), Boredoms (i thought they were incrediiiible but most people didn't like it, and The Streets. Lady S was the best.

after intonation with mollie and cabe, and andrea not being in the pic.

make our own pizza's night and i didn't even fuck any of it up.

junga, andrea, mollie, cabe

me vs andrea. i TRIPLE JUMPED HER.

cabe & junga deadlocked. i can't believe i'm posting checkers pictures.

the most amazing performance stage design everrrr. at Yo-Yo Ma

further back from the stage, check the hanging speakers so everyone can hear!

cabe and his new best friend

me and MY new best friend

the cat was cross eyed, but i could never get a pic of it

ride back to the airport

we did so much more than are in these pics, museums, aquarium, walking walking all over the city, homeless people taking all my money... it was fun the entire time and i didn't want to come home at all while i was out there. perhaps someday i'll pick up and move there. first things first, get a lot of money. ok thats all.
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