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this video is gorgeous gorgeoussssss.

So i went down to NY to meet Olga Bell, a little bit scary but it only took about a half hour of adjustment time to feel comfortable. We started recording some sketched ideas just on a piano at this nice big practice room in Manhattan.

I really think this project could end up being something bigger than i originally anticipated, the songs on piano are exceptionally strong already - now i just need to add everything else you need in a song to make it band-ish which is a bit overwhelming. I don't want to screw up this oppurtunity, if i were ever to make a decent impression on the music world this would be it, but recognizing that also puts some pressure on me. what the heck though, i'm wayyyyyy excited and really can't wait to get it moving. while i was down there we decided to make it a full album, and keep it hush hush so i don't know if i'll be posting anything we're working on ... though i guess theres a good chance i'll break down and just put 1 thing up eventually. She's coming to visit me once i get home from chicago at the end of this month and will be staying for a weeeeeeek, i think we'll get a decent amount of junk finished in that time slot.

aaaaand her voice/piano/songwriting skills are astounding, really. i shouldn't be this lucky!

next stop chicago!

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